The top 10 best Hosting providers

The best  internet hosting in 2020 is quick, secure, reliable, and has client support that may utterly support you.

When you’re not trusted with webhosting in the beginning, it can be an enormous headache at first.

There are many different types to chose from. You’ve got shared hosting, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, server cores, different RAM, CDNs, SSL certificates. It’s interminable!

I’ve managed and seen a lot of sites, from small onces to large websites.

I’ve used my experience an knowledge to find the top 10 best hosting providers.

Read in-depth reviews of these below — plus, tips for saving money, the best types of hosting for different situations, and our method for picking the right web host. Let’s get started!


Disclaimer: The hosting providers are not in sequence. It’s just numbered for easily reading. Don’t forget reading the important definitions!

Some important Definitions:Shared hosting; Is hosting on a webserver that you share with                                                                   other people. The full capacity of the is distributed to multiple                                                                 accounts. 
                                                     – VPS; A Virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that is sold                                                              as a service, usually by a hosting provider.
                                                      -RAM; is a Random-Acces Memory. It is used to make many                                                                          computer calculations at the same time.    
                                                                -CDN; is short for content delivery network. a cDN is a network of proxyservers                                                                                   distributed around the world in different data centers, so that users can download                                                                               content quickly and without delay.
                                                       -SSl certificate; is a secure layer between a server and an internet                                                              browser so that the data is secured.


Top 10 Hosting Providers

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is a provider that is specialized in hosting. They have lots of different hostings. You can choose for almost every existing type of hosting. They have a great helpdesk and a clear site. The helpdesk helps you with all your questions, problemes and will find a solution or clear answer in just a little of time. One of the most important things when you gonna buy a hosting is the price, good news for you, the prices on hostinger are one of the cheapest that you can get. For just $0,99 you’ve got a hosting plan, with this one you can build a site for amusement or for a small number of visitors. If you want a professional site you have also plans for this.

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