Hello there! I'm Kenzo and i created this awesome site (though I say so myself). I am glad to welcome you! i hope you read a few reviews or even buyed your gadget. If your new on reviewagadget.com or you want to know who i am and why i created this site, than read further!

like i said, my name is kenzo. i am a student that live in belgium, a little country in europe. during the vacation in 2020 i was bored. when i searched onces on the web i found that there are people who write blogs and owns a website. I liked that idea and i bought an hosting to have a place where my site were hosted and also i created a domain name. This was the moment that reviewagadget.com was born. then it was going fast, i made a homepage in one day and the other day i was writing my first review. And it grew and grew till now (and it still is).

With this website i want to informative people by giving them a honnest review of a gadget. So they know where they spend their money on and if their are better and cheaper alternatives.

This site was created first as hobby without any earnings, but i changed that. The good news is that you as reader also have a benefit. I get a little commission on a product that a customer buys via one of my links. while you only have to click on the link to go to a site where you can buy them easily, safe and at a good price.

I do not oblige, compel or put in any way possibly offensive, insulting or forcing a reviewagadget visitor to click on one of the above-mentioned links or banners.

Thank you for visiting my site an i hope you have a great time.